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Ridgeline Film Featured On Red Giant

Our short zombie film "SERUM X" was featured on the popular visual effects website Red Giant. Check out the tutorial!

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When a company of soldiers on a routine patrol encounter enemy sniper fire they must make quick decisions to avoid being picked off, one by one.

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Lesh Lesh

Recently Ridgeline Creative was hired to develop the a marketing campaign and website for Lesh Lesh®. Here is a sneak peek from our photoshoot and initial video production. More to come soon, check back often.

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Ridgeline Creative’s Short Film “X96″

See exclusive behind the scenes material and tutorials on the making of Ridgeline Creative's short film titled "X96". Made exclusively for the 2011 X96 Radio From Hell Film Festival, this short showcases some unique visual effects.

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REUE is a WWII era short film that is being produced by Ridgeline Creative. REUE which is pronounced “Roya” is a word meaning Regret in German. We are shooting our short film in Utah mid-spring 2010. The film chronicles 2 American Soldiers who become stranded in occupied German territory after a supply operation is ambushed. The two surviving soldiers come face to face with the enemy and get to know him after capturing a lone German soldier. The three young soldiers learn soon they are connected more than they could have ever imagined and an ending that leaves you wondering….could I do that?

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Frozen Movie Trailer Title Design

Ridgeline Creative's title sequence "Dark Out" was used in the preview for the feature film Frozen.

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Matte Painting Tutorial

Matte Painting Tutorial: Join James Cawley from Ridgeline Creative as he takes you step by step through keying a green screen photo and adding a great Swat looking background.


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